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Wealthy Affiliate Review


If at any point you decide to join Wealthy Affiliate, be aware of the following:
  • It’s Free to Get Started
    There is no credit card needed as the Starter Membership is free
  • Dedicate Your Time
    You MUST be committed to learning, asking questions and taking action.
Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Site: www.wealthyaffiliate.com
Cost: $0 Starter Membership
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Rank: 9 out of 10


Change can be scary.
I know because I was caught up in the world of Warrior Forum and watched people get ‘cyberbullied’ because they asked ‘newbie’ questions or gave honest opinions about things.
But I want you to take a moment and think about the last time you had a positive experience inside the Warrior Forum? Or how about a comparison of positive experiences with negative experiences within the forum. If you have experienced or even witnessed an abusive post within there, then that is one too many. Why would you want to be part of something that gives out bad learning mojo?
Let me ask you this..
Have you ever made any money from any of the Warrior Special Offers (WSO) you’ve purchased in the past?
Or how much money have you spent to earn your first dollar?
In my opinion, you shouldn’t have to purchase training everytime you need it nor should you have to rely on fancy pants sales letters to determine if the ‘product’ is any good. And that is what Affiliate Resources is about.. letting you see the truth of these WSO Scams.
With Wealthy Affiliate, you have full access to all the training 24/7 and have access to the awesome community in the forms of chat, private messages or classrooms which is a modern update to the antiquated forum. There is no upsells, no ads and no cyberbulling within Wealthy Affiliate. The training comes in several formats including full certification courses, live training and video based training.
Can you get that inside Warrior Forum? Not even close.


Wealthy Affiliate started in 2005 as a simple keyword list membership website. Quickly the owners Kyle and Carson (who have been successful affiliates since 2002) of British Columbia Canada learned that there not only was a huge demand for these lists, but also training on how to use them.
That same year, they started a membership forum for people to access the training and support. As time went by, more and more features within Wealthy Affiliate were added and people came in masses for the training and support.
Today, Wealthy Affiliate has a ton of awesome features that include keyword research tool, website builder and hosting. But before I get into the details of all the tools and features, let’s look at the Pros and Cons.


  • Up to Date Training: All the training inside Wealthy Affiliate is top notch and always being updated. It is very easy to follow and has discussion areas for any questions that may arise.
  • Awesome Community Support: I am blown away at how amazing the support system is. There are several ways to get help within Wealthy Affiliate; live chat, private messaging, discussions and live Q & A sessions.
  • Beginner Friendly: There is no such thing as a dumb question inside WA and there are several beginner task based training courses.
  • Website Hosting Included: There is no need to run out and buy web hosting as this is included. Unlimited sites for premium and 2 sites for starter accounts.
    Spam Free Environment: Unlike Warrior Forum, WA offers a welcoming training environment that doesn’t tolerate any negative behaviour.
    Success Stories: If you need some inspiration, WA has a great section which shows people attaining success on many different levels ranging from making their first website to replacing their job income with online marketing.


  • None: Wealthy Affiliate is the most comprehensive simple training community available


Wealthy Affiliate Certification Courses
Certification Courses
The first moment you enter Wealthy Affiliate, the first level of training is placed in front of you. The Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started (Level 1) is a 10 lesson course that walks you through the entire online business process for long term income. Regardless of your experience level, I recommend you jump into this training as it creates a great mindset for your online business journey.
There are 4 levels of the Online Entrepreneur Certification courses which are:
Certification Courses
  1. Getting Started (Level 1)
  2. Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website (Level 2)
  3. Making Money! (Level 3)
  4. Mastering Social Engagement (Level 4)
Each of the course consist of 10 lessons, so there are a total of 40 Lessons within the Certification courses alone. There are no shiny objects, no affiliate links and no upsells within the training which is a nice change from what you may be used to within the Warrior Forum.


Each week, there is a live 60 minute training event called a WAbinar. That’s right.. WAbinar. Love the WA branding part of it! A new topic is delivered each week and at the end of the WAbinars, there is a live Q & A Session where you can ask the presenter questions related to that nights presentation. Also a nice feature within the WAbinars is that there are no upsells, affiliate links etc. at the end of the presentation. Certainly a nice change from what you’ve probably experienced in the past.
Here are a few reviews that outline what Wealthy Affiliate members think of the WAbinars.
WAbinar reviews
If you miss the live training, no problem as they are recorded and posted within the members area so you can access them at any time.


4 elementsIn my opinion, there are 4 main elements to an online business:
  1. Niche & Research Research
  2. Website Creation
  3. Website Hosting
  4. Content Creation
Wealthy Affiliate has tools and service that help you with all 4 elements and are included within your members area.
1) Niche & Research Research – There is a keyword and competition research tool that helps you discover niches, search volume and additional keyword ideas.
2) Website Creation – WordPress Express is a website building platform that creates your website in 3 clicks. Truly awesome!
3) Website Hosting – Unlimited website (cloud) hosting is included within your membership thus makes the website building process seamless. The hosting is stable and using state of the art technology.
4) Content Creation – Rapid Writer is a place where you can write and author your content while watching your targeted keyword density.


There are 2 membership options within Wealthy Affiliate.
  1. Starter Membership: $0
  2. Premium Membership: $47 per month or $359 per year
I urge you to check out the Starter Membership as it gives you full access to everything offered inside Wealthy Affiliate. After 7 days, Your ability to Ask Questions and get live chat support ends but all the other features are still available.


Below is a comparison chart to see what is offered within the Starter membership and what you can get if you go Premium.
wealthy affiliate comparison chart
As you can see, the premium membership is essentially all you need to start your grow your online business. I challenge you to compare this with Warrior Forum and tell me that WF is better. Seriously, go ahead and let me know in the comments below.


I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since March 2007 and have NEVER looked back. As the direct result from the training and support offered in WA, I was able to quit my day job and replace that full time income with the money from my own online business.

Wealthy Affiliate works. The training, tools and support offered inside the premium membership is all you need to get your online business going. It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in affiliate marketing, SEO, local marketing or promoting your existing website or business – Wealthy Affiliate will help you get you to YOUR next level.

Be a Smart Marketer

Get Your Support and Training Started at Wealthy Affiliate

Here’s what Wealthy Affiliate has got for you:
  • Up to date training on content marketing, SEO, email marketing, landing pages, keyword research, and more.
  • Live 24/7 help and support chat to get any online marketing questions answered right away.
  • The World's Easiest Website Builder to get your own website up and running in under 60 seconds.

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Swipe Vault Review

Swipe Vault

Wouldn't It Be Nice If There Was A Magical Place Where You Could Just "Swipe" What’s Working Now?

If that magical place actually existed, our lives would be infinitely better...

Wouldn’t it?

Of course it would!

You wouldn't have to waste your time and money trying to "figure out" what you need to do...

Just "let others" do all of the hard work for you, and when you’re ready, you simply swipe what’s working.

Well, this magical place didn't exist...

Until today.

Is it Your Lucky Day?!

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SaleHoo Review


Salehoo: Best Place for Wholesale Distributors


Learn More

This SaleHoo review describes how a strong community that brings together a large number of verified wholesale distributors and online sellers/retailers can help you find wholesale merchandise and then sell it for a profit on sites like eBay or other sites.



What Salehoo is all about – product overview

Not so long ago I had the pleasure to review SaleHoo and found that it is one of the best resources for finding wholesale distributors or wholesale merchandise for whatever your niche might be.
It’s true that when you are a beginner, trying to sell on eBay or Amazon it can be a bit intimidating.
To overcome these difficulties, a qualified help is more than welcome.
An online community like SaleHoo can help you by making available to you all the know-how and expertise you might need in order to be a successful online seller.
The members of the SaleHoo community make this place one of the most active places for wholesalers to find and share information, tips, knowledge, and best practices for people who buy and sell on the internet, and can help you to fully reach your potential.


Features of Salehoo

There are over 8000 verified wholesalers listed in SaleHoo, and these can give you access to wholesale merchandise in every imaginable industry or niche. In many cases, suppliers from SaleHoo will have a low minimum order, or no minimum order at all, which is very helpful especially for small business owners.
One of the features I like is how easy it is to search in SaleHoo to find what you need or what you are looking for. SaleHoo member reviews can give you feedback on suppliers you would like to use and these reviews can help you decide what supplier is best for your needs. You can easily find suppliers that will do drop shipping or international shipping for you.
There are two excellent ways to get help on SaleHoo if you need some advice: support staff is present for 10 hours a day, six days a week, reachable by phone or email, and of course, there is the very active forum where like-minded people share their knowledge, thoughts and offer help to those who ask for it.
A number of information guides are available for members. You will find information on how to get started, selling tips, dropshipping, profitable products, shipping info, some niche specific guides, how to find suppliers, etc.


Best Feature of Salehoo

Probably the best feature that SaleHoo offers is what they call Research Labs. By using this tool a lot of guesswork in your research work can be eliminated, because this is basically an education tool. Here you can find guidance on profitable niches, advice on how to write your listing, and very important, how to find reliable wholesale distributors. Here you can find information or advice even on matters like import duties or when to start and end your auctions (did you know that timing affects sales, and there are certain periods of time when people are more likely to buy?)


What I like most about Salehoo

What I particularly like about SaleHoo is the clean layout of the website and the way the site is organized. You can easily find your way around and usually the information you are looking for is only a few clicks away.


What I do not like or wish to improve about Salehoo

One thing that could be improved is that some of the articles could be a bit more to the point. I found that in some instances the information was either not so easy to follow or diluted. However, the variety of resources more than compensates for these shortcomings.


Pricing and Money back guarantee

Joining SaleHoo will cost you a $67 fee per year. The membership will get you access to the supplier directory, forum, customer support, training guides and the excellent research labs. They also offer what seems to be the norm these days for this kind of products, which is a full 100% money back 60 day guarantee.


SaleHoo Summary

The SaleHoo membership brings tremendous value for a very affordable price. Just be aware that just like with any product that deals with information (in this case lots of information!), there is a bit of a learning curve at the beginning. And to answer the question in the title, SaleHoo is in my opinion one of the best places to find wholesale distributors or wholesale merchandise for your on-line or off-line business.

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PlugRush review


PlugRush is a website that helps bring high quality traffic and creates plug-ins speficaclly for your website to increase profits. We recommend to all of our affiliates to work with PlugRush becasue of the success rate that has been proven by using this amazing software. After signing up and activating an account with Plugrush you can work as an advertiser or a publisher. This article will help you have an overview of what it is like to work with Plugrush as an advertiser, a publisher and with our affiliate program. This PlugRush review offered exclusivly by Best Affiliate Programs offers the most newely revised and edited review on PlugRush available in the market today!
Signup now with PlugRush and increase your traffic and profits today!

PlugRush 1 PlugRush Review Increase your Traffic Today!
PlugRush Landing Page, the Next Generation Trafficer!

Getting Set Up with PlugRush

Once working with PlugRush you can buy high quality, targeted traffic directly to your website. You can easily set up campaigns in your account to drive traffic instantly to your website. This is enhanced by our large network of publishers who traffic millions of visitors per day. Everything is available in order for you to increase business and income, whether you need traffic to your website, mobile redirects or popunders. Starting a campaign is easy and fast.
  • Step 1:
    Add funds: Load money to your PlugRush Account to buy traffic. You can load the money through any of the available payment modes; PayPal, Redpass, wire transfer, Paxum or payoneer.
  • Step 2;
    Create your campaign: You can either use an existing campaign or create a new ad. After you created a new campaign, one may customize it to fit their specific needs to maximize traffic.
  • Step 3:
    Pay for the campaign: Use the money that has been loaded onto your account to pay for the campaign you have created.
  • Step 4:
    Get traffic: Get mobile, plugin, popunder or blind traffic. You can also see which sites are sending your traffic and you are able to check where in the world your traffic is located. You have the power to block any unwanted referrals. You now receive live statistics that are fully compatible with Google Analytics.
PlugRush2 PlugRush Review Increase your Traffic Today!
PlugRush Registration Page, Get Started Today!!

PlugRush Traffic Conductors

At PlugRush we offer several ways for advertisers to promote their products. Here are some of the ways;
  1. Mobile plug traffic – it gives you the highly targeted traffic from mobile devices. It will deliver exclusively to you, through ads displayed in widgets throughout our network. You can create ads for mobile use while running other campaigns. Each campaign requires a minimum of one ad but we advise to have at least three.
  2. Mobile redirect traffic- it gives you redirected visitors on mobile devices throughout our network. All you need is a URL to the website you want to have the traffic delivered.
  3. Mobile pop traffic- mobile pops gives you popped visitors on mobile devices throughout our website and all you need is a URL of the website you want to have the traffic delivered.
  4. Plug traffic- it gives you highly targeted clicked traffic and its delivered to you through ads displayed in widgets throughout our website. You can create an ad before or while running campaigns. Each campaign needs a minimum of one ad but we recommend at least three.
  5. Blind traffic- it is cheap clicked traffic from random ads throughout our network. All you need is to select your targeting, bid, budget and URL you need traffic delivered too and you are ready to start acquiring traffic.
  6. Popunder traffic- this mode gives you a lot of visitors in a short span of time. When a visitor is visiting a website in our network, we open a browser window behind the website the visitor is visiting. In that window, we open your website. It is much cheaper than clicked and has worked for many advertisers.
  7. Redirected traffic- this is a new innovation source of traffic for your products. All you need is as URL where you need the traffic delivered. It works best for websites that sell products and do not rely on paid ads in their business models.

PlugRush Publisher

By being a publisher, you can sell traffic directly to a large network of advertisers. By simply adding your website, you can easily create one or more ad zones and start generating income. Below are ways to sell your traffic through PlugRush;
  1. Plug traffic- it is sold via ad zones called widgets. You create a widget place it in your website and it will instantly show ads to your visitors. Every time a visitor clicks on the ad you earn money.
  2. Mobile traffic- it is also sold through widgets. When we detect a visitor on a mobile device, we redirect them from your website to an advertiser who pays for this visitor and you earn money
  3. Popunder traffic- traffic is sold via a popunder window that opens when a visitor clicks on something on your website. You can generate this ad zone very quickly and then place the small script tag on your website and you will earn money.
PlugRush3 PlugRush Review Increase your Traffic Today!
PlugRush publishers page, generate more direct traffic now

Affiliate Programs in Plugrush

This exclusive PlugRush review will help you earn extra income by simply reviewing the different techniques to increase traffic to your sites. Profits are increased when traffic lands onto your site and you receive a percentage no matter what. You will get a 5% lifetime revshare of all their earning or spending. The income will be paid to your account monthly as a separate payout and it will be listed in your transactions along with other payments related to your account. By adding a banner or link in your website, you can then promote the affiliate program you chose to work with. Moreover, you can simply give your affiliate URL to a friend and have them register through it. Whenever someone registers through this URL they are connected to your account. If they decide to register later we set up a cookie in their computer to ensure that they will become your affiliate and you will get a share of any funds they spend or earn.
Signup now with PlugRush and increase your traffic and profits today!

plugrush1 PlugRush Review Increase your Traffic Today!


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